The Law Officer of John Phillips and Oliver Pelly –

I recently shot video for a top local personal injury law firm, the Law Offices of Phillips & Pelly.  It was a full day shoot, with testimonials scheduled about every 30 minutes or so.  All in all, it went pretty smooth as there were very few cancellations, and the built in flex time around each scheduled appointment helped as you are always going to have people running late in addition to people with compelling stories running long.  In the end, had approximately 2 hours of footage that was edited down to a compelling 3 minute video.

A break from the typical ‘guy in a suit talking in front of a wall of legal books’, this video should provide content that will appeal to those people looking at their options with regards to potentially hiring an attorney.  As somebody who has never had to deal with an attorney, I really enjoyed hearing all of the testimonials singing John and Oliver’s praise.  These guys really are a cut above and are top personal injury lawyers in not only San Diego, but all of California.  From auto accidents, to accidental deaths, to any injury through no fault of your own, these guys are definitely worth a call.

Here is the testimonial video:

– Brooks

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